Wikol Travel Agency

Since 2011, Wikol Travel has been providing unique luxury experiences in Costa Rica. Our passion for sustainability drives our mission to ensure the lowest footprint during your journey without sacrificing your comfort or experience.

We specialize in finding the most uniquely located boutique luxury hotels, eco-lodges and private residences that capture the culture and support the local communities. Our vendors work under the strictest sustainable practices, many of them certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Institute (ICT) under their world know CST Certification to ensure that we reduce our impact during your stay.

The result: we build richly curated experiences for a full service, stress free stay that include wildly fun adventures and the best tours in the country!


Marco Obón

Marco Obón

Owner / CEO

General Manager of Wikol Travel and an adventurous traveler who is always looking for the most authentic, off the beaten path destinations in Costa Rica and Central America. He is a passionate environmentalist with a deep connection with sustainable travel practices and surfing.

Marco was born and raised in Costa Rica. He studied Hotel Management in Costa Rica ́s capital city and an International MBA in Santiago, Chile. After working for more than 15 years both in Hospitality and Tour Operator industry, Marco bought Wikol Travel with a group of partners looking to expand and grow the Company in the region, with the goal of providing an unforgettable travel experience for every person, couple, family or group who is looking for an ecofriendly adventure in Central America.

Marco thrives on providing the highest level of customer service to each traveler and making your life easier when you travel in our beautiful part of the world.

Fabian Alfaro

Fabian Alfaro


Fabian is one of Wikol ́s most beloved Naturalist Guides. He was born in Costa Rica, but lived in the US for about a year: and that’s how he learned his very fluent English. Fabian is certainly a very talented guide that will always make you feel welcome!

He will carry his camera, telescope and other guide technology anywhere: so that
you do not miss any of those precious moments in Costa Rica.