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Secrets of Costa Rica


3 Most Iconic Volcanoes in Costa Rica


You will find many volcanoes in Costa Rica: some have been quiet for hundreds of years, some are still roaring and some are just starting to wake up.  These are the 3 most iconic volcanoes in Costa Rica:


Arenal Volcano 

It was the most active volcano in Costa Rica for over 42 years but in 2010 it entered a sleeping phase. This Costa Rica volcano which has that conical shape you've seen many times in movies and you've always wanted to photograph closely. The breathtaking views of the volcano, the Costa Rica boutique lodges and luxury hotels that surround it, the Arenal hot springs, spas and all the fun things to do in Costa Rica you can imagine are only part of what you’ll see and experience near the Arenal Volcano. And if you have a little patience: you can take that perfect picture to take back home.


Irazu Volcano

Located on the outskirts of our country’s capital, Irazu Volcano is the highest volcano in Costa Rica. It is one of the few volcanoes in Costa Rica that are truly accessible. We recommend visiting the Prussia National Park located near the volcano. Now, better wear warm clothing because the volcano is at 3,432 meters (or 11,260 feet) above sea level. Down the mountain, drink some great Costa Rica coffee or hot cocoa at any of the restaurants along the way and admire the beautiful coffee plantations that surround you.


Poas Volcano

It is characterized by the majesty of its main crater, which is the biggest and greenest in the world. You can walk the beautiful trails of the Poas National Park and immerse yourself in the biodiversity of the Costa Rica Cloud Forest. Search for giant leaves surrounding the volcano and ask the locals about their name. Have your picture taken and return home to tell their story.


And since you're there, we recommend you visit the La Paz Waterfall (Peace Waterfalls) and one of the many coffee plantations in the area.


No need to travel across the world to see different types of volcanoes. With more than 200 volcanic formations in Costa Rica, you can afford to choose which ones to visit. When planning your trip to Costa Rica, these 3 Costa Rica volcanoes will be an excellent reference point to start with. And if you can take off more than 2 days, you can visit each and every one.



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