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Secrets of Costa Rica

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All Inclusive Costa Rica Packages or Personalized


 Life would be so much easier if you had every single detail of your vacation planned for you. There are two ways you can make that happen.


All Inclusive Costa Rica Vacation Packages

They come ready to enjoy: hotels are booked, transfers are arranged and tours are chosen for you. You may choose this kind of Costa Rica Vacation if:


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  • You want an itinerary that has been tried and approved for by someone else


  • You know that you will probably not be doing all the fun things in Costa Rica but you will do some of them and you are ok with that


  • You like the fact that the most famous places in Costa Rica that appear on the web are probably included in your package


All Inclusive Costa Rica Vacation Packages usually do feature the best known Costa Rica locations such as the Arenal Volcano and Manuel Antonio. 


Personalized Costa Rica Vacation Packages

The planning is longer than booking a Costa Rica All Inclusive Package (which barely involves any planning at all), but you do get to choose the tours and best places in Costa Rica for you. You may choose this kind of Costa Rica Vacation if:

Bests hotels in Costa Rica Nayara

  • You would like to visit some of the best places in Costa Rica that may be remote. These type of places are rarely included in a pre-packaged vacation and so personalizing your itinerary is a must.



  • You would like to consult on the best hotels in Costa Rica and which ones are best for you. Your vacation can be defined by the type of hotels you use: seriously. Because unless you are planning to spend your time at executive hotels, you will find that there are so many options of places to stay in Costa Rica that it is truly hard to choose from.


    •  As a Costa Rica Travel Agent we usually ask our clients if they want to stay at an eco-lodge, a resort or perhaps a mix of both.


  • You prefer to have an expert consultant modify your itinerary according to budget


Personalized Costa Rica Packages involve more time and effort from your end, but the time spent will be well rewarded. For a flawless vacation we do advise you to hire a Costa Rica Travel Agent with know-how on our country or at least find out if your local travel agency works with a Costa Rica Tour Operator that will not only be able to advise your agency on the type of choices to make but will also be available once you are in Costa Rica.




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