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Secrets of Costa Rica

Best hotels in Costa Rica

Best Hotels in Costa Rica-places to stay

How can you tell if a hotel is good or bad? Is a 5 star qualification what really determines if a hotel is better than others? Are large resorts the only type of hotels that deserve to be included in that Best Hotels list?

In Costa Rica there are so many spectacular hotels of all sizes that we can confidentaly declare that the best hotels in Costa Rica are not determined by size but by the excellent service, their delicious Costa Rican food and uniqueness.

These are our 3 essentials the to choosing the best places to stay in Costa Rica:


Service that is so personalized, everybody will know your name

Once you have reserved a room at any particular hotel, your name should be known by the reservation office and the reception counter. The fact that a hotel has taken care that all personnel knows your name upon arrival will give you a hint of the type of vacation you´ll have.

  • Costa Rica Hotels such as the Four Seasons Papagayo, a large and luxurious resort, is the perfect example of immaculate service. Waiters and waitresses, administrative and cleaning personnel will all know your name. They´ll even learn your favorite drink and offer it to you during your stay. You will feel special even if the hotel is packed with other guests.

  • Costa Rica boutique hotels like Copa de Arbol are the exact opposite of a Four Seasons kind of hotel. They are rustic and small and lack the many amenities that a large hotel offers. But you will be welcomed as part of the family and will be pampered as such.



Food prepared with love and excellence

There is no need to visit a 3 star Michelin restaurant so that you enjoy a delicious meal, deserving of a standing ovation. The best hotels in Costa Rica will prepare Costa Rican food that will have you go back many times:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so our grandmothers used to say. In Costa Rica, breakfast is your energy booster for a Costa Rica white water rafting or canyoning tour. Places like Monteverde Lodge will offer a deliciously abundant breakfast and the best coffee…Costa Rican coffee, of course!


  • Lunch and dinner may taste even better if taken at exotic places. Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort will arrange a fabulous meal on top of a candle lit floating platform, in the middle of the forest.


A unique experience is what you´ll remember the most

There are many great hotels in the world. So in order to stand out, Costa Rican hoteliers are doing more than offering super soft sheets or even a Spa in the middle of the jungle. They want to make sure that you will depart feeling like you have just had a fantastic dream.

  • El Silencio Lodge is located only an hour and a half away from San Jose. It is a small luxury hotel immersed in the middle of the Cloud Forest and once you arrive, you will be pleased to know that Costa Rica is exactly the way you had imagined. El Silencio features suite like rooms that come with the scent of the mountain and your own outdoor jacuzzi. You will be hidden from other guests by a bambu wall but you will still hear the sounds of nature. This is a 100% romantic experience, that you´ll surely remember once you go back home.


 And now that we´ve mentioned unique bathrooms, at Pacuare Lodge you will find large rustic suites that include one outdoor shower with an open ceiling and an enclosed stone wall. And then you will enjoy the indoor shower surrounded by mesh walls with a 180 degree view of the Pacuare Lodge gardens. Now, do not worry: you will be able to see other guests but they will not be able to see you.


So which are the Best Hotels or the Best Places to Stay in Costa Rica? Choose your vacation type and see for yourself.

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