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Secrets of Costa Rica


Best places in Costa Rica for rappelling

Zip lining in Costa Rica, White Water Rafting and Rappelling are probably the top 3 adventures you can have in Costa Rica. These Costa Rica tours lets go of all your stress and pumps up your heart to the max.


And because rappelling became one of the most fun things to do in Costa Rica, we feel compelled to tell you where to do it and when.



What is rappelling?

According to the English Thesaurus, rappelling is:

“the act or method of moving down a steep inclineor past an overhang by means of a double rope secured above andplaced around the body, usually under the left thigh and over theright shoulder, and paid out gradually in the descent.”



Where can I find the places in Costa Rica where rappel is both safe and fun?

  • Pacuare Lodge: one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, Pacuare Lodge offers many of the top tours in Costa Rica. The rappelling tour becomes a canyoneering tour during part of the experience because you descend between waterfalls.

Canyoneering Pacuare.jpg

  • Canon de la Vieja Adventure: located at Guanacaste, this tour has been combined with a white water rafting tour at Tenorio river. The rappelling is done at the end of the rafting tour at the river’s canyon.



  • Arenal: one of the best adventure centers in Costa Rica, it also offers a rappelling tour that becomes a canyoneering tour. You go down 5 waterfalls of different heights and intensity.





Who can do rappelling in Costa Rica?

Well, almost everybody. We’ve had both children as young as 5 years old (the minimum age required) enjoy the adventure and we have also offered the rappelling tours to senior travelers.


When is it a good time to rappel in Costa Rica?

Any time of the year! No matter if it rains or shine, rappelling tour is always offered (unless there is a storm going on). You can rappel both in the morning and afternoon, but if you prefer to rappel with no rain, your chances of a dryer weather are better during the morning.


Check out our other many adventures and fun things to do in Costa Rica or contact us for more information.



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