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Secrets of Costa Rica


Best places to see animals in Costa Rica

The rainforests are by far the best places to see animals in Costa Rica. Although vegetation is dense, larger animals are more visible here than in the Cloud Forest or the Dry Forest. It is preferable to have your tour early in the morning for securing better sightings:

  • Manuel Antonio National Park it is one of our smallest National Parks and yet, you will see plenty of animals along the way (especially if you take one of our guided tours): sloths, white face monkeys (capuccins) and lots of birds will accompany you along the way.
  • Tortuguero is on the water; hence, expect to see lots of caimans, lizards (the one nicknamed Jesus Christ is seen every day- it sort of walks or runs over the water), monkeys and of course, the turtles (if in season). Green Turtles are a marvel of nature and come to the Tortuguero beach July-October.
  • Corcovado National Park and Osa Peninsula: red macaws, monkeys, snakes, and even if in luck a tapir, are bountiful in the Corcovado National Park and in general, the Osa Peninsula. The nature hikes are long and may be strenuous, but totally worth your effort.

Find Corcovado National Park in our Corcovado Vacation in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park may be enjoyed in One Week Vacation in Costa Rica

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