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Secrets of Costa Rica


Capitan Suizo Hotel at Tamarindo-the review

There are a handful of hotels in Costa Rica that have never been completely renovated and yet, with just a few freshening touches every now and then, have managed to maintain their vintage look as current as ever. Capitan Suizo Hotel is definitely one of those vintage hotels, and it is as current as it is unique.


Built by two Switzerlanders in the early 1990s, Capitan Suizo (Swiss Captain) is a boutique hotel located at one of the best beaches in Costa Rica and one of the first surfers towns: Tamarindo.


Why we like Capitan Suizo:

  • Location: because it is at the end of Tamarindo beach, it is very close to all the shops and restaurants, but still far away from the crowds. At Holiday Season you get to appreciate the silence and intimacy that it offers away the mayhem of tourists that come to visit every year.


  • The beach: it may be part of the location, but deserves a point of its own. Tamarindo beach is a long strip of sand. The last bit of it ends at Capitan Suizo and so, you get privacy that you will not find elsewhere along the beach. And, you also get great waves for beginner surfers. If you are an experienced surfer, you only need to walk a few steps and you will get great waves.


Fun things to do in Costa Rica Tamarindo Beach.jpg

  • The look: unassuming, fresh, beachy….Capitan´s infrastructure is simple and rustic. All rooms have high ceilings and are very airy. The furniture is rustic and made out of wood and bamboo, the shower tiles are blue or red and the beds have canopies. Our favorite room: the BeachFront Bungalows with the gorgeous view and the relaxing sounds of the ocean.



  • The gardens: stunning! Perfectly kept, they may look too manicured to some, but because they are, you can spot many animal passersby such as howler monkeys, grey iguanas, green iguanas, porcupines, geckos, armadillos, raccoons, frogs, anteaters, skunks and lots and lots of birds. The trees are perfectly marked with their biological name.


  • Capitan Suizo gardens.jpg
  • The people: the greatest asset of them all! Most of the senior staff has been working at Capitan for many years. Some of them, such as Vinicio, since the hotel very first open. Thus, you will find not only highly trained people but also a family.


Fun Things to do in Costa Rica at Tamarindo:


  • Surf! Of course! This is the main attraction at Tamarindo. And the beach is perfect for all levels of expertise. You can find surfing instructors everywhere.



  • The mangrove: kayak or boat, you will get to see many more animals.


  • Catamaran and snorkeling: a half day on our Northern Pacific Ocean is relaxing and always sunny and fun.


  • Eating: there are so many little restaurants to choose from, you can stay a week, eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner, and still not try them all. One of our favorite shrimp cocktails you will find at Pangas Beach Club.


So there you have it: Capitan Suizo passed our inspection with flying colors, and so next time you are in Costa Rica, think of it as your next beach destination.  


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