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Secrets of Costa Rica


Checklist: Planning a trip to Costa Rica

The most important thing about your vacation has been decided: you are heading to Costa Rica on your next getaway. But now what?


Many questions come to mind when you're planning a trip to Costa Rica, so here´s an easy checklist to follow so that you get the most for your money and have the best of times:


1. Choose a travel agency to plan your vacation in Costa Rica

  • The logistics of our country can be tricky and time consuming. A Costa Rica travel agent will definitely make the decision making so much easier.


2. How long will you stay in Costa Rica and when will you come?

  • You do need to know this in advance because hotel and tour rates vary according to season:


  • Green Season will offer the best prices, but it probably will rain every afternoon.

  • High Season will offer a drier climate than Green Season, but prices will be higher and you’ll have less access to seasonal promotions.

  • During the Holiday Season you’ll enjoy the best weather in Costa Rica, but you will also pay the highest prices and will probably share each location with many more travelers.


  • 3. What type of vacation do you have in mind?

  • Are you craving for high levels of adrenaline or do you rather relax under the sun all day long? 


         Are you looking for the best Costa Rica Hot Springs or would you rather visit a fabulous Costa Rica beach?      


  • If you travel with your family: how old are your children? Not all tours are suitable for children under 12 years.



  • 4. What type of accommodation are you looking for?

  Costa Rica boutique hotels, Luxury Resorts, Costa Rica eco Lodges or Home Vacation Rentals.


  Bird watching, snorkeling, hiking, zip lining, rafting, culinary experiences, urban experiences, photography, a cultural  immersion,  rappelling, canyoning, snorkeling, spa, wildlife, volunteering or yoga.


  If you´re traveling with kids find out which tours are  suitable for every  person in the family: some require your kids be 12 years   and older.



Too many questions and too many choices right?…If you find all the planning too overwhelming, then go back to point 1 and choose a Costa Rica Travel Agent to do all the figuring out for you. You will save time and headaches and you will end up touring around the best places in Costa Rica.

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