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Secrets of Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano - 4 reasons to visit


Arenal Volcano is one of the top things to do in Costa Rica.  Although the volcano itself has been rather calm (no eruptions have been heard or seen since 2009), it still is one of the greatest-most complete places to visit in Costa Rica. At Wikol we recommend you stay there for at least two nights and witness why we think Arenal and the town of La Fortuna should definitely be part of your Trip to Costa Rica.


The views of the Arenal Volcano: you get a mix of luscious Costa Rica rainforest and cloud forest with brand new vegetation, all at the feet of the great volcano. We call it: transitional forest, and it boasts monkeys, myriads of bird species, all sorts of reptiles (especially frogs and snakes), felines and so many more.


The service at La Fortuna is top quality and yet very friendly: the people in the area are mostly locals who were born there and are country people through and through. And it´s precisely this feature combined with their experience with travelers from around the world that they will treat you with charm and in a Costa Rican way. 


The fact that you are definitely in for a ride: any ride. Whether you may choose to do hardcore Costa Rica canyoning or rafting, or prefer to enjoy an enriching guided hike by the Arenal Volcano: La Fortuna offers a wide array of tours and things to do. The longest Costa Rica zip line is located at La Fortuna and you will also find horseback riding, volunteering at Project Asis and more.


The Arenal Hot Springs are definitely one major reason to put La Fortuna at the top of your places to visit in Costa Rica list. At Wikol we recommend you either stay at one of the Costa Rica hotels at La Fortuna that feature Hot Springs or plan to take a half day tour and dinner to one of these thermals. 


So now you know: the Arenal Volcano and the town of La Fortuna should definitely be part of your must places to visit in Costa Rica. Want to know where else to go?


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