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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Best of Costa Rica - Coffee Tour

Coffee is one of Costa Rica’s main exports, and it has won many accolades around the world. Our fertile grounds are definitely one of the main ingredients to produce our coffee beans, as is our expertise and love for coffee.


Coffee was brought directly from Ethiopia into Costa Rica and because of our country's good climate and height, the Arabica Coffee is the type of coffee you will find the most. A new culture was developed around coffee and a small elite in Costa Rica owned most of the coffee plantations, but the whole country benefitted from the economic coffee boom and the money earned helped build, among others, our National Theatre.


So it is only fit that one of our most desired tours and fun things to do in Costa Rica is our Coffee Tour. Here are a few of our favorite Costa Rica Coffee Tours:


Doka Estate Coffee Tour

A family project, Doka was developed little by little and it now produces amazing export quality coffee. The Doka Estate Coffee Tour takes place only an hour away from San Jose, which is quite convenient either if you want a one day tour in San Jose or if you want to make a quick and fun stop along your way to Arenal Volcano and the town of La Fortuna.

If you like strong coffee, make sure you taste their Peaberry kind.

Doka Coffee Tour Costa Rica.jpg


Britt Coffee Tour

Most definitely the best known brand of Costa Rican Coffee, Britt has not only been offering its Coffee Tour for many years now (1991), but it has also opened many stores all throughout the American Continent.

Britt Coffee Tour is a mix of theatrical play and the history of coffee and as it is the case with Doka, it is located about an hour from San Jose.



Tarrazu Coffee Tour

Not as known as Doka or Britt Coffee Tour, Tarrazu is a low profile experience with a high profile and taste coffee. It is located about an hour from Quepos, on our Northern Pacific Coast, and about 3 hours from San Jose.

Tarrazu Coffee is of the highest gourmet quality, one of the finest in Costa rica





Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour

If you are planning to visit the cloud forest at Bajos del Toro, Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour is a great choice for a more cultural experience which you can actually combine with a visit to the cart making factory at Sarchi or the gardens at Zarcero.

Only an hour and a half for San Jose, Espiritu Santo is located at the town of Naranjo, one with great and refreshing climate.


Zarcero fun things to do in Costa Rica.jpg

There are other great coffee tours such as the one you’ll find at Café Don Juan at Monteverde, but we would never be able to finish this blog if we were to go and on about our Costa Rica Coffee Tours. So here is our contact in case you want to learn more…





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