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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Family Vacations for Teenagers

So you have a 12 and a 15 year old who are truly hyperactive! They are expecting every vacation to be 100% adrenaline.

So here’s our list of the most fun things to do in Costa Rica for teenagers.


Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Our number one adrenaline boosting activity preferred by teenagers, zip lining in Costa Rica is found all over the country and should definitely be part of your Costa Rica Family Vacation (or your teenagers will make you miserable until you include it). The longest zip lines in Costa Rica are  located at Arenal, Monteverde and Guanacaste, with Arenal and Monteverde parks being the most visited and most experienced locations for zip lining.

 Costa Rica Vacation Zip lining.jpg


White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

The perfect adrenaline rush! Rafting is done on level II-III rapids (for kids are young as 8 years old) and level III-IV (for teenagers and adults over 12 years old). Best level II-III: Balsa, Sarapiqui and Colorado Rivers. Best level III-IV rapids: Pacuare, Toro and Tenorio rivers.  

White Water Rafting Balsa River.jpg

Canyoneering in Costa Rica

As if rafting and zip lining in Costa Rica weren´t enough, there is a third preferred adrenaline boosting tour that attracts teenagers and adults (if they brave the rocks and falls): canyoneering. Your kids will rappel down canyons and waterfalls, climb rocks, hike through forests, swim in river water and slide down natural slopes. Some awesome canyoneering happens at Pacuare Lodge and at Arenal.

Canyoneering in Costa Rica.jpg



Now, not all tours in Costa Rica have to be an adrenaline rush for your kids. Nature hikes in Costa Rica is one of the most fun things to do because where else can you find almost 6% of the total estimated worldwide species? Corcovado is crazy amazing: 4 monkey species, tapirs, myriads of birds, weird mammals…it is the best jungle immersion in Costa Rica.  And night time hikes at Monteverde is a great way to see snakes and poisonous frogs: animals that might sound scary or interesting enough to attract the most skeptic of nature averse kid.


Nature Hikes in Costa Rica.jpg



Look at our Costa Rica Family Vacation Package for ideas of how an itinerary would look if you come to Costa Rica.


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