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Secrets of Costa Rica

Best time to visit Costa Rica

Green Promotions in Costa Rica 2018

Whale watching season, turtle nest season, fishing season, these are all things happening during Costa Rica´s Green Season. We call it one of the best times to visit Costa Rica because you can not only get to see spectacular wonders, but you also get to save a whole lot of bucks!


Whale Watching: where to save some bucks!

During Whale Watching season, you can basically get a great deal at many hotels along our Pacific Coast. Some especially worth mentioning:


  • Nicuesa Lodge is probably one the best places to stay in Costa Rica and especially at Golfo Dulce Bay. Whales are seen there practically every day and because it is so remote: you will see no crowds whatsoever. In fact, we may brag that last time we were there, we saw a whale and her calf while we were kayaking along the shore. Nicuesa offers a 5x4 deal that is hard to resist considering that you will have so much to do here!


Whale Watching in Costa Rica


Turtle Nesting

No contest here: Tortuga Lodge is by far the best hotel at Tortuguero where you may watch Green Turtles coming out at night time. The hotel is rustic, the service is personal, the canals are your view and the deal is great: pay 2 nights and get the 3rd one for free!


At Tortuguero you will also get to do the best Tarpon Fishing in the country. Amateur or experienced: our Captain pleases everybody. See our Fishing in Costa Rica Package for more ideas 


And then if you wish to have some beach time we truly recommend hanging out at Le Camaleon, where you will also get a great deal of pay 2 nights and the 3rd one is for free!


Turtle Nesting


Costa Rica Hot Springs

Our beloved Arenal Volcano is not only one of the most outstanding Costa Rica Volcanoes but also the epicenter of the best adrenaline tours in the country. So we definitely recommend including Arenal within a trip to Costa Rica, especially during Green Season.


Some great deals at Arenal you will find at:


  • Hot Springs in Costa Rica



Want to look at more deals? Download our Ebook: How to Get Green Promotions in Costa Rica for the complete information and tips on how to choose the promotions and where to find them.


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