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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Our Favorite Hot Springs in Costa Rica

One of our Top Things to do in Costa Rica is most definitely a delicious soak in the hot springs. A result of waters getting in contact with a volcano´s heat, you will find hot springs in Costa Rica to be therapeutic and romantic.



Arenal Hot Springs

The first to be “discovered” by tourism entrepreneurs, thermal springs nearby Arenal Volcano are still the most impressive in our country. Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort was the first hotel to offer hot springs pools and it still offers the best in place to bathe in the springs in Costa Rica.


Places to enjoy the Arenal Hot Springs: Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort, The Springs, Nayara Springs and Ecotermales.



Rio Perdido

The result of another entrepreneur´s dream who wanted to offer 100% Costa Rica Hot Springs for a traveler seeking a more untouched springs surroundings. The Perdido River (Lost River) runs across the Rio Perdido Hotel property. To reach the thermals you will need to go down the steep stairs and the hike will be worth your time and effort: these hot springs in Costa Rica make the waters look light blue and even translucent.


Places to enjoy the Rio Perdido Springs: at Rio Perdido Hotel.

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Buena Vista Springs

One of the few places in Guanacaste where you will find hot springs surrounded by evergreen vegetation, Buena Vista Springs is an adventure park with some of the most iconic and fun things to do in Costa Rica including zip lining.


The thermal springs at Buena Vista are surrounded by transitional evergreen vegetation that is a fresh site to visit during the months of summer at Guanacaste, when all else turns yellow or brown.


Places to enjoy the Buena Vista Springs: at Buena Vista Lodge.  You may also enjoy zip lining, ATV, horseback riding and water slides.


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A quick note on hot springs in Costa Rica: they are very hot and thus, we do not recommend bathing in them for more than 15 minutes at a time. Take a break and get in and out of the waters, while you hydrate (drink lots of regular water –not sodas or alcohol).  Small children and elderly are more prone to getting dehydrated so they should bathe for even less than 15 minutes at a time.


Hope this little guide helps you on deciding which hot springs in Costa Rica to visit as part of your Costa Rica Vacation Package.


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