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Secrets of Costa Rica

LGBT Choice How inclusive is Costa Rica

LGBT Choice-How Inclusive is Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been at the forefront of promoting inclusiveness and it has become by far the most LGBT friendly destination in Central America.


The following are the reasons why Costa Rica is the perfect gay friendly destination:


Health System in Costa Rica recognizes Gay Rights

On 2015, Costa Rica´s governmental health system managed by Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (Costa Rican Social Health Insurance Institute), approved the same health rights for both LGBTI and heterosexual couples.


Progress of Costa Rica´s pro-LGBT laws: slow but we will eventually get there


Even though a law to accept gay marriage has yet to be approved at Costa Rica´s Parliament (Asamblea Legislativa), on 2015 a city court approved a gay´s union as a common law marriage.

There is still a lot to be accomplished, but eventually we will get there!


Gay Pride Parade or a The March for Diversity


On 2017, the 8th March for Diversity (or Gay Pride Parade) was celebrated at Costa Rica´s capital, the city of San Jose. Games were held, prices were given, and 5k and 10k were ran.

As years go by, more and more governmental reps attend the March and, from what started as a few dozen people march has now become a few thousands!

 March of Diversity in Costa Rica.jpg


LGBT nightlife in Costa Rica


In Costa Rica you will find LGBTI cladded bars, discos and restaurants.

At beach towns like Manuel Antonio, you will discover an urban style gay nightlife and at least at two of the area’s beaches you will meet an LGBTI cluster.


LGBT couples are welcome all over Costa Rica


Wherever you go, whichever hotel or tour you may chose, you will find an amiable service to everyone and a gay friendly attitude.

LGBT couples are respected throughout all our country. And although some hotels are more appropriate for couples (be it heterosexual or gay), at family style hotels you will also feel welcomed.


 LGBT Vacation in Costa Rica for couples.jpg


Romantic gay experiences in Costa Rica


Costa Rica showcases unique romantic experiences such as dinning on a floating platform in the middle of the rainforest, or lunching on top of a zip lining platform way above the trees. You can even surprise your partner by proposing at the feet of a light blue Waterfall, or you may enjoy your own Arenal hot springs pool at your fabulous suite.

There are many Costa Rica boutique hotels for couples only. Hotels like Kura, which is located up on a steep hill, features only 6 suites intended for couples only. Every suite has a spectacular view of the Bahia Ballena bay, and the hotel features one restaurant which also displays a bay view and exquisite Costa Rican food. Because it is a small luxury hotel, each couple will feel comfortable: be it LGBT or heterosexual.

And new to our hotel guide: Casa Chameleon! We went on inspection only a month ago and already cannot wait until we publish our new blog (coming real soon!!!).


Casa Chameleon places to visit in Costa Rica.jpg

It is clear to us that LGBT couples look for the same romantic trips than any other couple: a spectacular place, a unique journey, a gastronomic experience, fabulous adventures and a 100% romantic getaway in Costa Rica. But in Costa Rica we make sure that LGBT couples not only get all that, but a promise of full inclusiveness!


Want to makes sure we are as inclusive as we say? Download our Ebook on Everything LGBT Couples should about Costa Rica and be 100% sure you will be welcome!


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