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Is the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica overrated?


Up there, at the top of the things to do in Costa Rica and places to see you will find a visit to the Cloud Forest, most times, to Monteverde. But is the Cloud Forest really a highlight to see during a vacation to Costa Rica? Or are you better off looking at other places?


First of all, let´s summarize a few reasons why the Cloud Forest may definitely be part of your trip to Costa Rica:


  • The vegetation you will see here is unique: huge leaves that may not be seen anywhere else in the country are popularly called “umbrellas for poor people” for their sheer size and capability to protect you from the rain.


  • The weather is way cooler at the Cloud Forest than at the Rainforest and so whatever activities you choose to do (and there are many): you will be cooler. A great plus during the hottest months.


  • Towns surrounding the Cloud Forest are really small and hotels and activities are spread out, and so you will not find many tourists. The perfect getaway during the months of Holiday Season.


  • You can engage in all sorts of activities suited for all tastes and preferences: zip lining, horseback riding, nature hiking (daytime and night time), tree climbing (there is such a thing, really!), coffee and chocolate tour, hanging bridges, tarzan swing, butterfly and hummingbird garden, cheese making.



                Monteverde lr.jpg Zip Lining lr.jpg Cloud Forest Costa Rica Monteverde.jpg


Best places in Costa Rica to view the Cloud Forest:


  • Los Angeles Private Biological Reserve: and more specifically Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort, is another great choice nearby San Jose (about 2 hours as well). It is also very close to Coffee Plantations and so you can combine a visit both to the forest and the coffee plantation at one spot.


  • Monteverde: probably the best known Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, Monteverde is a bit hard to reach but well worth the drive. The town is the largest within a Cloud Forest and offers many activities to do such as a hanging bridges walk and super fast zip lining. See our Costa Rica in Two Weeks package for a few ideas of what to do at Monteverde.


So don´t ever let anyone tell you the Cloud Forest is overrated....want us to tell you more? Click below: we are at your service!



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