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Secrets of Costa Rica


Is there any Kosher food in Costa Rica?

Yes, it is possible to visit Costa Rica and enjoy kosher food along the way! And the food is guaranteed to be delicious…Really!

Certified by the Orthodox community Rabbi, kosher food is available in Costa Rica by three different vendors. You may either enjoy a wonderful meat meal, or a gourmet parve meal: either way, you are guaranteed to gain weight! (a vacation after all….)

How do we do it? How do you get your kosher food while traveling in Costa Rica? Easy: we will either fly it or send it by car to each location you visit. The cost? Well it will run from FREE to USD$40 per package…and it will all get to each hotel packaged, duly identified and with full instructions for the cuisine staff.

One more reason to enjoy a Personalized Vacation in Costa Rica…..

Contact us at Info@wikoltravel.com and enjoy a worry free vacation in Costa Rica

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