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Secrets of Costa Rica

Is Manuel Antonio National Park better than Corcovado interior.png

Which one is better: Manuel Antonio or Corcovado?

Well, the answer depends on the type of vibe you are looking for.


When it comes to Places in Costa Rica and more specifically Costa Rica National Parks: Manuel Antonio and Corcovado are high up on our list.




Who is it for? Travelers who want to see nature within the rainforest but do not want to be so far removed.

Manuel Antonio National Park is located at the town of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: one of its best known beach towns and at one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. The park itself is one of the smallest and yet, the biodiversity it showcases is astounding.



Fun things to do at Manuel Antonio: besides the National Park, zip lining, surfing, catamaran and snorkeling, white water rafting and horseback riding.

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Who is Manuel Antonio National Park not for? Travelers who expect to see many animals and very few people. Manuel Antonio National Park has become so famous that oftentimes it is difficult to navigate through the crowds especially during Holiday Season.


Manuel Antonio worthy hotels to check out: some of the best hotels hotels in Costa Rica are located at the town of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Arenas del Mar, El Parador and Gaia are among our favorite.





Who is it for? Travelers who want the true rainforest immersion and are willing to go deep in the jungle to get it.


Corcovado is located within Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica: one of our barely touched rainforest locations where you will still find Primary Forest along with Secondary Forest.


Remote is the word: in order to get here you will need to take a domestic flight and most probably will arrive at your hotel either by boat or through gravel roads. But for those seeking the pleasure of pure nature: Corcovado National Park is as National Geographic stated: “the most biologically diverse place on Earth”.


Fun things to do at Corcovado: the National Park is the star of this location, but snorkeling and diving can be done off the shore at Isla del Caño (one of the top 3 best scuba diving in Costa Rica). Sport Fishing is popular as well and Whale Watching is one of the best in Costa Rica during the months of August through October.


Fun things to do in Costa Rica Corcovado.jpg


Who is Corcovado Park not for? Travelers who want to see animals in Costa Rica but from a contemporary hotel fully equipped with AC and all amenities. The Costa Rica boutique hotels you will find at the whereabouts of Corcovado are within our list of the best hotels in Costa Rica, but they are rustic and for the traveler who is willing to rough it up a bit.


Corcovado worthy hotels to check out: some of the best hotels hotels in Costa Rica are located at Drake Bay and Golfo Dulce. These locations are used to access the park. Copa de Arbol and Nicuesa Lodge are amongst our favorite.


So there you have! Both Manuel Antonio and Corcovado are amongst the best places in Costa Rica. Now which one to choose will depend on the type of comfort you are looking for in a hotel or a destination and the amount of people you´d like to surround you.





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