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Secrets of Costa Rica


Nicuesa Lodge at Osa Peninsula- the Review

The best place to see animals in Costa Rica is located at Osa Peninsula: the whole peninsula! The jungle is wild, luscious and exploding with all sorts of animals: white faced monkeys, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, tapir, puma, jaguar,  black cheeked ant tanager, poisonous frogs, coatis, Agoutis, Jaguarundi, Ocelot, red macaws, toucans….shall we continue?? Plus, the coast is rich with marine wildlife: humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, and so on.


Osa is remote and reachable by plane (unless you wish to spend 7 hours straight in a car!!). And the hotels in the area are raw, pure and remote enough that you will need to either hop on a boat or travers bumpy roads. Nicuesa Lodge is one of those remote jewels and here is our review.

Osa Peninsula Nicuesa Lodge.jpg


Why we like Nicuesa Lodge:


  • Location: it is beachfront to Golfo Dulce (or Sweet Gulf) and in the middle of the rainforest. The view of the gulf is spectacular and the trees that surround the property are tall and dense enough to protect the cabins from the sun. Nicuesa is remote and there are no hotels adjacent to the property.




  • The beach: is absolutely stunning and very different from any you will find in the area. There is hardly any sand (mostly pebble stones and shells), but as soon as you get into the water you will see lots of little fish. The waters are crystal clear. And you will need to walk only a few steps to enter deep waters, where snorkeling becomes more interesting. There are no waves whatsoever and so the ocean feels more like a relaxing lagoon.


  • The look: low profile, rustic, raw and intimate. Cabins are hidden within the trees, which is key because there is no AC in any of the rooms. The restaurant and bar are set up to sit all the guests together, so you end up talking to your neighbors and get to hear their stories.




  • The grounds: absolutely astonishing! Red macaws and toucans flying all day, everyday; the howler monkeys calling early in the morning, the trees, the plants, the ocean.


  • The personnel: treat you as part of a happy family. Service is personalized and non-pretentious.


  • The food: simple and yet delicious. Nicuesa Lodge is an all-inclusive hotel (all meals are included) and so having great food is key. You will have two choices of main dish for dinner, and a lunch buffet every day.




Fun Things to do in Costa Rica at Osa Peninsula:


  • Piedras Blancas National Park: you can expect to see monkeys, lots of birds and other mammals. Corcovado National Park is the most famous location for nature hiking at Osa Peninsula, but it is a bit far away from Nicuesa. Piedras Blancas is located adjacent to Nicuesa and offers just as many animal viewings.


  • Rio Esquinas Mangrove kayak or boat tour.


  • Kayak at Nicuesa Lodge.jpg


  • Kayak tour at Golfo Dulce.


  • Golfo Dulce Boat-Snorkeling tour.


  • In-shore and out-shore fishing.


  • Coconut Opening 101


  • Aromatherapy Massage at an Open Cabin


         Whale Watching (August-October)


Nicuesa Lodge has become one of our favorite places in Costa Rica. Include it in your Costa Rica Package Vacation (take a look at our Osa Peninsula Package for some ideas) and you will love it too.



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