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Secrets of Costa Rica

Zip line in Costa Rica

A traveler´s journal: one week trip to Costa Rica

We all wish we could take a long vacation several times a year. But when time is limited, a well-organized week will do. And in Costa Rica, you can definitely enjoy a plentiful week vacation.


This is how a one week vacation looks like in Costa Rica:



After a long journey I arrived at San Jose, capital of Costa Rica.

I stayed overnight at a boutique hotel (from what I’ve heard, one of the Costa Rica places to stay at). I was given the option of eating at the hotel restaurant or going out for a bite nearby. Since the night was nice, with a cool breeze and the area near the hotel was safe, I decided to check out the city. The Costa Rican food was delicious and it really impressed me.




I started my day with a typical Costa Rican breakfast at the hotel´s restaurant: Gallo Pinto. I definitely didn’t expect rice and beans for breakfast, but I loved it! I checked out and my driver was already waiting for me.


The vehicle was clean and in good condition, the driver was friendly, professional and spoke very good English. Oh, and very important: the car had AC. After a couple of hours on the road, we stopped and prepared for the most unusual way to reach a hotel: we rafted down a river all the way. I had done white water rafting before, but Costa Rica rafting is definitely out of this world!.


At the end of our rafting adventure, we got off at the river´s shore and walked to Pacuare LodgeCosta Rica boutique hotel in the middle of the jungle.


After resting a bit, I walked to a nearby waterfall and swam in the refreshing waters. Then I joined Happy Hour at the bar and prepared myself for what would be an unprecedented dinner in the jungle.



Today was a day full of adventure! I did a canyoning and rappelling tour near the river.


First we walked through the woods to reach a typical Costa Rica waterfall. Then, we got into our harness and started descending down the wet walls. I have to admit I felt a bit scared at the beginning, but once I did my first drop and felt the adrenaline rush, I wanted more and more.



I got up early to start my next journey. To exit the Lodge, we hopped into our raft and began paddling down the fastest rapids I´ve ever done.


I was surprised at the good level of English our rafting guides had and the safety measures they took to make sure we were ok. Whenever we reached a slower part of the river, we jumped into the water and got carried away by the current, it was spectacular!


Once we finished our Costa Rica rafting tour, my driver was punctually waiting for me. We started our drive out to a small town located around the Arenal volcano and lake. After two hours we arrived at the hotel. Another Costa Rica boutique hotel that featured 100% natural hot springs, complimentary for all guests. I left my luggage in the room and headed towards the springs after a long and intense day.



After breakfast-I will never get bored of Costa Rica’s fresh fruits-another guide picked me up and took me for a hike near the Arenal volcano. The guide explained the volcano´s history and we walked on top of dry mounds of lava and saw hummingbirds and parrots flying around. Oh, and I got lucky because the volcano cleared twice and the view was amazing.  


In the afternoon I took a ziplining tour. We reached the longest Costa Rica zip line by taking a tram up the mountain. And then, the adrenaline rush burst again as we flew from mountain to mountain on a 1 km long line.


Once I got to back to the Hotel, I sunk into the hot springs.




Today my driver picked me up very early to head out to my next destination: one of the best Beaches in Costa Rica. What a change of weather! Sun, heat and a wonderful sea view from my hotel room. The staff was very friendly and helpful, as all Costa Ricans I’ve met.


After tanning and relaxing, I took a surfing lesson. The waves were small, ideal for a beginner surfer, and my surf instructor was very helpful: I managed to grab a couple of waves and stand up!


Today´s highlight was sunset; the sun and its cloudscapes left me speechless.



My last day in Costa Rica: I visited the National Park located nearby the hotel. Wow wow wow, it’s all I can say. I had never seen so many animals in one place: monkeys, sloths, iguanas, lizards, birds, turtles, insects ... The group guide helped us locate the animals and told us about their features.


At the end of the tour, we went to two beautiful beaches hidden in the jungle, everything was perfect. The only weird thing that happened was that a monkey stole my snack pack, haha! Must be careful, these monkeys are no fools.


At the end of the afternoon, the driver picked me up and took me back to San Jose, because my flight back home leaves early tomorrow morning.


This week in Costa Rica was magical and I will always remember it!


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