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Secrets of Costa Rica

What to pack for Costa Rica

Packing for Costa Rica-your essentials list

Before getting on your plane to Costa Rica ask yourself: am I sure I know what to take? Here is our Costa Rica Packing List.


  • Sunscreen: sun rays in Costa Rica are very strong so don´t forget to use sunscreen every morning and reapply several times a day, especially if you're enjoying the pool and the beach.

 Costa Rica Packing list sunscreen.jpg

  • Mosquito repellent: you might not like this, but you will most probably be bitten by mosquitoes. It is impossible to have it otherwise in a tropical country, but if you use mosquito repellent you will avoid a "massive" attack and bites. At the beach, mosquitoes will bite the most at sunset.

 Costa Rica Packing List Mosquito Repellent.jpg


  • Aloe Vera Gel: because the sun rays are so strong in Costa Rica, even if you apply sunblock you might get a little too much of a tan. Bring your aloe vera gel to apply and relieve any burns.


Costa Rica Packing List Aloe Vera.jpg

  • Hand soap: earth, moss, sand, water, rocks ... We recommend you bring hand soap (hand sanitizer), because your hands will probably not stay clean throughout your trip.


Costa Rica Packing List Hand Soap.jpg

  • Water bottle: the high humidity level and heat of Costa Rica´s climate will surely be felt. Avoid buying plastic bottles that may harm the enviroment and opt for a bottle that you may refill as many times as you´d like.



  • Sunglasses: a must either at the mountain or the beach.


  • Cap: again, protect yourself from the tropical sun.


  • Waterproof Jacket: unless you visit places in Costa Rica such as Chirripo, which is our highest mountain, you will most probably not need a warm jacket. However, your waterproof jacket will be of great use during those nature expeditions.


  • Camera: preferably a waterproof one. Remember it does rain in Costa Rica!


  • Binoculars: if you love animals and birds, we recommend you bring binoculars. This way you´ll see them even if they´re hiding in the trees.


If you are planning to bring a backpack, we recommend it´d be waterproof. And if you do not want to carry too much clothing, make sure you look for the Pura Vida t-shirts to take back home.

Pura Vida Costa Rica Packing List.jpg


This is just a basic list of essentials you should take in your backpack for your trip to Costa Rica. But remember to include personal items if needed or snacks if you´re one to get hungry at a full day´s tour. Now, if you do not want to carry snacks and prefer to try some local food, take look at our blog 10 Costa Rican foods and meals that you must try.


If you want to avoid bringing some or all of the items mentioned above, at Costa Rica you will find Packn´joy, a company that specialized in selling Costa Rican made or infused products for the most discerning traveler. 


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