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Secrets of Costa Rica

Rancho Humo another amazing hotel in Costa Rica

Rancho Humo - Another Amazing Hotel in Costa Rica

We love exploring new places in Costa Rica, and especially, we love staying an overnight or two at a boutique hotel with the great excuse of inspecting it! And so, a few months ago we did just that: we arrived at Rancho Humo during Green Season in Costa Rica and the hotel was literally empty! Only us, and the staff.

And so, we had this small hotel and a huge property (about 1000 hectares) for the two of us…well, we did have to share it with the more than 75 species of mammals, 55 species of reptiles and so many bird species you know you have arrived at bird´s land!.


Why we like Rancho Humo:


It´s location: it is adjacent to Palo Verde National Park, one of Costa Rica´s reachest eco systems. In fact, you will find about 15 different habitats in the area. Hence, the animal diversity is astounding! Birds such as the Jabiru are only found in this area in Costa Rica, December through March. The Jabiru is the largest bird in Costa Rica and one of the largest aquatic birds in the world. It reaches 1.35 mts (4.2 feet) of height and it is an endangered species.


Jabiru Bird in Costa Rica


The look: Rancho Humo is an “estancia”. It used to be a family house and it was converted into a luxury boutique hotel with large rooms and suites facing the forest. Our favorite type of rooms: the Junior Suites, with king size bed and spectacular views.

Rancho Humo Junior Suite


The personnel: most people are from the area, and so they know their nature very well. At the kitchen you will find chefs who have just obtained their title and have come to Rancho Humo to practice their trade. We loved being their “guinea pigs”.


It is the perfect place to visit just before heading out to the beach: because it is in the middle of the way, for most routes. Be it that you are coming from Arenal, Monteverde or San José: Rancho Humo is located right after one of the major bridges in Costa Rica, on the way to TamarindoPapagayo, Nosara or other beautiful beaches in Costa Rica.


Fun things to do at Rancho Humo:


River tour to “Bird´s Island”: the name says it all. The amount of birds that inhabit this little island is in the thousands, and to see all these birds flying back and forth, bringing little sticks from inland to build their nests and making a whole lot of noise: is absolutely priceless!

RanchoHumo Birds


Wetlands tour: either by jeep or on a horseback, this tour is done in the morning or afternoon. You get to see the vast land that Rancho Humo is set on, and other bird species that you might not have seen at “Bird´s Island”.


RanchoHumo Wet lands

Barra Honda Spelunking: this cave is a bit further away (about 1.5 hours) from the hotel, but if you want to combine nature with adrenaline: then going down 50 feet to the Barra Honda cave is just what you are looking for! You will see stalactites and stalagmites and plenty of bats and other night time creatures.


Barra Honda Spelunking Costa Rica

Rancho Humo has definitely made it into our favorite hotels list for 2017!




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