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Secrets of Costa Rica


Surprise your partner in Costa Rica with the help of your travel agency

Are you and your loved one planning a trip to Costa Rica and you want to really surprise your partner with an unforgettable experience but don´t know where to begin? With the help of your travel agency you will certainly have that extraordinary experience! These are a few of the many amazing activities your travel Agency may help to arrange before you come and even during your stay in Costa Rica.


The most romantic nights

 What will your loved one say if you reserve a table set up in the most incredible rainforest in Costa Rica, high above on a “nest” platform 20 meters/66 feet above the ground? Or how about a table right on the beach with the ocean as your background music? If you wish to surprise that person you love, Costa Rica is the ideal place to do it, especially if you have the support and complicity of a great travel agency so that every detail runs smoothly.


Want to know more?

Private chef and waiter, access to the sea, gourmet food, a view of a spectacular waterfall and the chance to see wildlife extremely up close. You can achieve this if you have the support of the experts.

Unforgettable experiences

 Did you ever watch the movie Blue Lagoon? How about experiencing a paradise like adventure by hiking to a spectacular waterfall reserved just for you and your partner? And if we tell you we can even add a picnic style meal, wine included?  That does sound tempting, but is not the only option when you have experts that will adapt to your every need and want.


Say, we can offer a horseback ride up the mountain so that you arrive just on time to view an awe inspiring Sunset. And what would you think of us adding a couple´s massage once you reach the mountain top?  I-R-R-E-S-I-S-T-I-B-L-E


And there is so much more: what if you want to lose yourselves in the jungle? Or have a private surf lesson away from the crowds? What are you waiting for? Contact a Travel Agency in Costa Rica and you will get to do exactly what you dreamed of and more.


Unique Activities

  • Take your loved one on a guided stroll through the Cloud Forest: at nighttime. Discover how impressive are bats by getting really up close with them. Your biologist will trap them in special bat nets and then return them back to nature. You, will have met a creature that many fear and misunderstand. Visit an iridescent light blue river that looks like it was painted by hand. If you dare face its very cold waters: jump right in.


  • Are you craving something a bit more daring? Get in the passenger seat of a tiny light weight plane (you will be the only one) and fly over the sea and the forest. Who knows, you might spot a whale from above.


  • Are you a romantic at heart? Then you will love offering your partner a romantic ceremony by the Thermal Springs. An indigenous chaman can help you get that engagement request, renew your vows or just remember why you two are together.


These Adventures are only possible because there are special travel agents that help coordinate every detail of your trip. Are you working with a travel agency?


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