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Secrets of Costa Rica


The best hiking places in Costa Rica

You´ve already heard about it: Costa Rica is all nature and adrenaline! It is so true that when it came down to choosing the best hiking places in Costa Rica, we had to sit down and review a long list of amazing choices.


Here are a few of our favorite places in Costa Rica to experience on foot, from the easiest to the toughest hikes!


Monterverde Reserve: mostly flat and surrounded by tall trees that protect you from the sun, Monteverde Reserve offers a 3 hour hike through the Cloud Forest that can be done by anyone. Expect to see mostly astonishing vegetation, birds and insects. The forest is dense and monkeys are rarely seen while you hike.


Hiking in Monteverde.jpg



Arenal Hike: one of the most popular tours to do at La Fortuna town, the hike by the Arenal Volcano is a three hour easy to walk experience. You will go up and down dry lava boulders and learn about the volcano´s 1968 eruption that wiped out a whole town.


Lava bolsters Arenal Volcano lr.jpg


Corcovado National Park: a mostly flat hike that lasts about 5 hours, this is a relatively easy to experience walk. All you need to do is bring your hiking shoes (or tennis shoes) and follow your guide. This is by far the most amazing and fulfilling animal encounter anyone can have in Costa Rica and one of our favorite things to do in Costa Rica. It is as if the zoo doors were left open and all the animals escaped to the same fabulous park.


Corcovado National Park Hike lr.jpg

Hidden Treasure Waterfall at Desague River: a light blue marvel, the Hidden Treasure Waterfall is immersed within the Cloud Forest. This is a 3 hour hike that is for intermediate and advanced hikers. The river gets its light blue color from volcano minerals.



Nauyuca Waterfalls: about 1.5 hour from Manuel Antonio, Nauyuca is another light blue marvel and the perfect place to hide from the masses. This is location is not well known by tourists and so you will not find many people along the way. Perfect for an intimate picnic within the Rainforest.

Nauyuca Waterfall lr.jpg


Cerro Chato: located at La Fortuna, Cerro Chato used to be a volcano thousands of years ago. It is now one of the thoughest places to hike to but the view at the top is so worth it!


Cerro Chato Hike tour.jpg

There are other beautiful locations to hike in Costa Rica, of course, and there are more difficult places such as Chirripo, which is more an escalating experience than a hiking one. But you may include these locations as part of your things to do in Costa Rica or places to see in Costa Rica.


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