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Secrets of Costa Rica

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The Best Scuba Diving in Costa Rica


If you just love scuba diving, you will find there is amazing diving in Costa Rica. Here are the 5 best scuba diving spots in Costa Rica:



Besides the beautiful fish and sea turtles, the main attraction for divers at Cahuita is the Cahuita Coral Reef, which is home to a rare coral ecosystem with species like the Brain Coral. Cahuita is a unique to scuba dive in Costa Rica and it is suitable for all levels of divers. 


Uvita Island:

Besides being the first place where Christopher Columbus arrived in Costa Rica, Uvita is home to many tropical fish and beautiful reefs. This area is suitable for all levels of divers. We recommend you visit the wrecks of the Phoenix.


Murcielago Island

Located at the Pacific Ocean and with a visibility of 90 feet deep, this place is recommended for divers with advanced skills because of the island’ strong currents. Some of the that you may spot: bull sharks, barracudas and black tuna.


Cano Island

Located at Costa Rica’s South Pacific sea and known as one of the top two best diving in Costa Rica, the Biological Reserve Cano Island is an hour away by boat from the Ballena Bay. It is home to a variety of fish, sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, moray eels, barracuda, tuna, sharks and it is visited yearly by humpback whales. This top Costa Rica diving spot is suitable for all kinds of diving, but the currents are strong so some experience is advisable.


Cocos Island

Coco Island is located more than 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is one of the best scuba diving spots around the world. The trip to the island takes two days and it is done by boat. At the island you will find no hotels or sanitary facilities, so for a diving trip to Cocos Island you will need a 10 day vacation. You will sleep at the boat and dive from it directly into the sea.


To dive at Cocos Island you will require a lot of experience: the currents are strong so a Deep Sea PADI certificate is required as well as at least 20 submersion. A night diving or a master dive certificate will allow you to reach great depths. You may enhance your diving knowledge with an advance PADI certification given by your Cocos Island tour operator on boat.


Cocos Island offers exuberant bio diversity: white tip sharks, lots of hammerhead sharks, manta rays, bottlenose dolphins and whale sharks among many others.


There are many diving tour operators but we highly recommend you get advise on which ones are the safest and most experienced tour operators in Costa Rica. And if you want to enhance your Costa Rica Scuba Diving Trip, make sure to find out which are the best hotels in Costa Rica at each destination you may visit. Better yet, have your Costa Rica Travel Agent create a Costa Rica Vacation Package just for you.


Scuba diving is one of the top things to do in Costa Rica.  Check out this Ultimate Bucket List by National Geographic.


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