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Secrets of Costa Rica

Best Places to stay in Costa Rica Caribbean

The Caribbean and Why you will Love It

When you think Costa Rica, you probably think Rainforest and beach, right? Well, if there is one place that will stick to your vision of Costa Rica is precisely the Caribbean. Here´s why:


Rainforest and Palm Trees

Sure, the Caribbean is one of our Rainiest parts in the country, but that is precisely why you will never see dry leaves or brown treetops. Palm trees abound and they actually reach the ocean (what we may call: they kiss the ocean). And you are surrounded by green, green and evergreen rainforest. Lush is all you get in the Caribbean


Places to Stay in Costa Rica Le Cemeleon


Many of the Best Beaches in Costa Rica

There is no question about it: the Caribbean features many of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Lush vegetation, blue and green sea, yellow sand and a scenery that has nothing artificial or fabricated about it.


Best beaches in Costa Rica Cahuita



Monkeys and animals everywhere

Not only you are surrounded by trees but because this part of the country is probably the least developed province in Costa Rica, infrastructure has not invaded the environment and you get to see monkeys, tons of birds, sloths, and so many animals it will be hard to remember.


Turtle Nesting at Tortuguero is very popular, as you get to witness how huge Green Turtles arrive with great effort to the beach and nest 80 to 100 eggs per night! And you may also see the hundreds of just born little turtles trying to win the race to the Sea.


Sloths are also a wonderful animal to see in the Caribbean, and if you are nearby Cahuita or Puerto Viejo, visiting Sloth Sanctuary is something people remember forever. There are just no words for how cute these animals are.


Best Places to visit in Costa Rica <Soths

People are so fun in the Caribbean

And we are not generalizing. People are just happy at the Caribbean. There is a certain vibe that you feel wherever you go. And even in places like Puerto Viejo or Cocles, where foreigners have settled everywhere (people from all over the world have fallen in love with the Caribbean and decided to stay), you get the same vibe. It is so contagious!


Caribbean in Costa Rica


Food is king at the Caribbean

Rice and beans at the Caribbean is as sweet as its people: it is made with several of the same ingredients as Gallo Pinto in the rest of Costa Rica, but it is mixed with coconut oil and essence. Pati is a spicy empanada and the Rondon is the best Sea Food Soup you will ever try.


The food here is just as spicy as its peoples!


Costa Rica Food Pati




Here are the best places to stay at the Caribbean in Costa Rica




Best time to visit: July through October when it is Turtle Nesting Season. Though Fishing is excellent in May as well (Tarpon fishing is the best in the country)


What to do: Turtle Nesting, Tortuguero Canals and Fishing



Tortuga Lodge Tortuguero




Best time to visit: July through October when it is Summer Season. Though May is also a great month.


What to do: Snorkeling and Scuba Diving (beautiful and colorful corals at Cahuita), Cahuita National Park, Beach Hoping, Sloth Sanctuary, Jaguar Rescue Center, Kekoldi indigenous Reserve Hike.


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