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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Things only locals do in Costa Rica


Parties, festivals, parades and USD$6 top notch shows every Tuesday are things locals know about in Costa Rica and enjoy. Want to explore the real Costa Rica? Here are a few of the things locals do.


Buy cheap at the local fair and meet real Costa Ricans

Every little town has its own local fair day. It usually is Saturdays and Sundays and it is always a happy meeting between neighbors and newbies. All produce is very cheap and delicious and you will also find other goodies such as yucas, plaintain chips, chorreadas (a mix of corn and cheese tortillas- sweet and delicious to be eaten with sour cream), queso fresco (non mature cheese) and more. There is even a Hugs Day and you will see everyone greeting each other with a great big hug.


El Tope

It happens at San Jose on December 26th every single year, since almost 80 years ago. Thousands (yes thousands) of horses and their riders meet at Paseo Colon, a large avenue crossing San Jose and parade from one end to the other, with a whole lot of liquor in their hands….needless to say, there are a lot of happy people at this event. You can include this event within your Costa Rica One Week Vacation.

 El Tope.jpg


The Palmares Festival

Each year, on January, ticos (Costa Ricans) meet at the town of Palmares and party. Bullfights, horse parades, carnival rides and high quality concerts are part of a non-stop week event. Needless to say, you better make sure you have a designated driver to get you back home.


The lighting of the Christmas tree at the Children’s Hospital

Every first Thursday of December, the huge tree right in front of the Children’s Hospital at San Jose is lit with more than 22.000 Christmas Lights. Musicians, magicians and clowns arrive to delight families who come from around Costa Rica and especially the kids who are patients at the hospital. This is a most emotional event for everyone.



The annexation of Guanacaste

On July 25th Costa Ricans celebrate that on 1824 the province of Guanacaste became part of Costa Rica. Parties, dance events, bull shows and concerts draw the locals and Costa Ricans from all over the country to a large celebration.


The peregrination to Cartago and “the Negrita”

Costa Ricans are quite religious people and the majority of the country is Catholic. On August 2nd, a national peregrination happens. Ticos from all over Costa Rica literally walk for hours or days to reach the Cartago Basilica and pray by “the Negrita”: ”: the Los Angeles Virgen who was part of a miracle on 1625.

 La negrita-1.jpg


The National Theatre every Tuesday

Every week on Tuesdays at noon you will find Costa Rica’s National Theatre completely sold out. The reason: the best musicians, actors, mimes, dancers and bands offer their performances for only USD$6. The idea is that everyone has their chance to witness the greatest performers in Costa Rica.


And more parties….

The list of parades, parties and celebrations in Costa Rica is long. Here’s a quick list:

Zapote (December/January of every year includes bull fights, local fair games and more), Limon Carnival (October is witness to one of the happiest carnivals and parades at the town of Limon, where people dance samba like along the streets and pati is served at every corner), International Art Festival (November brings street theatre, dance, music and lots of celebrating), the Dolphin and Whale Festival (September at our Southern Pacific Coast, where lots of whales come to give birth and people celebrate with runs, hikes, biking competitions and concerts. You can include the Dolphin and Whale Festival during your Osa Peninsula vacation.




Want to include one of these events in your Costa Rica Vacation package? Here is how.


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