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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Things to Do in Costa Rica-extreme adrenaline

If what you want is an extremely exhilarating vacation to relieve stress and forget about city mayhem, Costa Rica is definitely the place to be!


Costa Rica is a small country that can be crossed from end to end in only a few days. Extreme sports are one of our specialties and even though the idea of tarzan swinging down the longest zip line you´ve ever seen may scare you, we guarantee you won´t regret any of the craziness.  


Here are the 3 main reasons to go extreme in Costa Rica:


You will get wet and dirty:

Most extreme sports are practiced outdoors: under rain or thunder.


You are guaranteed to get wet while ziplining or canyoning in Costa Rica, and you will definitely get completely dirty during your biking tour. But the experience of being right in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, hearing the animals around you and feeling the fresh breeze will be worth any sogginess!  


Your heart will explode from so much adrenaline and you´ll left panting at the end of each tour:

The best part of every extreme sport is the adrenaline rush you get every time. All that stress you´ve been carrying from home will disappear the very first 10 minutes of any adventure (given that you last more than 10 minutes…).  You will hang for your life while you fly from mountain to mountain on a one of Costa Rica´s original zip lines and you will definitely scream while rappelling down 6 waterfalls.  


Whichever is your crazy craving, you will find it in at our Rafting Costa Rica Vacation Package!


As we say in Costa Rica: who said we´re afraid?

If you´ve never taken an adrenaline charged tour, you will be afraid… very much so! Do not worry: you will not be the first nor the last person to wish they had taken a taxi back to the hotel to get a relaxing massage at the Spa.


But once you get that adrenaline rush, you will never want to look back!


If you are wondering which are the best things to do and places to visit in Costa Rica you can also take a look at our Costa Rica´s Secrets page and find lots of amazing ideas at our 7 fun things to do in Costa Rica blog.


If you cannot decide how extreme you want to go: 


  Contact us!






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