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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica for Dummies

Avoid being one of many travelers who still thinks Costa Rica is an island…..(Puerto Rico, maybe?) and learn a bit about our country.

  • Size and Location: at 51.100 km2 it is located at Central America, Nicaragua at its northern border, Panama at its southern border, the Pacific Ocean at its West and the Atlantic Ocean at its East.


  • Peoples: 5 million people out of which around 4.5 million are “ticos” (Costa Ricans born or nationalized) and about 500k are foreigners who´ve come to make Costa Rica their permanent residence.


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  • Language: Spanish, though most ticos will make an effort to communicate in English as well.
  • Perfect Climate: Between 22 and 27 Celsius year round (70 to 80 F).


                     Dry Season: December through April (is is known as Costa Rica´s Summer)

                     Rainy or Green Season: May through November.



  • Dawn: at about 5:30am


  • Sunset: at about 6:00 p.m.


Osa Peninsula Sunset.jpg

  • Lodging: eco lodges, boutique Hotels, tents and luxury resorts (see hour Best Hotels in Costa Rica).

  • Currency: Costa Rica´s official currency is the “colon”, but dollars are widely accepted.


  • Biodiversity: Costa Rica is worldwide known as one of the top 20 biodiverse places in the world with its more than 500.000 species in only 0.001% of the world´s size.



So there, you are out of the loop! Want to know more? Check our Things to Do in Costa Rica blogs


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