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Secrets of Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula places to stay in Costa Rica

4 Reasons to visit Osa Peninsula at Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula harbors Corcovado National Park: “the most biologically intense place in the world” according to National Geographic. Yes it is indeed!  And if this isn´t enough a reason to fly over to this Costa Rica rainforest paradise, here are 4 more reasons why Osa Peninsula should be part of your Costa Rica Vacation Package:





To get here you will either drive 8 hours from San Jose or most rationally take a 40 minute panoramic flight. And because most Osa Peninsula hotels are reachable by boat only, with no roads insight: almost every lodging location at Osa is remote and intimate.


Osa Peninsula is the true stress detox location for those seeking to get away from everyday mayhem.





There is no other place in Costa Rica where you will be surrounded by animals of all sorts every single day of your stay.

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At Osa Peninsula you will most definitely see toucans and red macaws on a daily basis, and you will be visited by one of the 4 monkey species in Costa Rica: the white face cappucin monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkey and the Titi monkey; the later found only in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast.




At Osa Peninsula you will find boutique lodges that are very luxurious in their own right. Most hotels will not feature AC nor high-end finishes: but they will offer 100% personalized service and exquisite food.



Hotels such as Copa de Arbol or Nicuesa Lodge are amongst the best hotels in Costa Rica precisely because of their service, location and food. They are in a category of their own, especially because there are no other hotels like Osa Peninsula hotels in Costa Rica.





Things to do in Costa Rica you will find many, but when it comes to nature related tours that are truly unique and that happen in an untouched area: then Osa Peninsula is by far at the top of our list.



Sure, Monteverde and El Silencio Lodge feature the Cloud Forest and yes, Guanacaste harbors Costa Rica´s Dry Tropical Forest. But the only true almost “virgin” forest in Costa Rica is Corcovado en the many natural reserves around. Because there is no infrastructure besides the small hotels, no roads, no pollution: nature hikes, fishing expeditions and snorkeling and scuba diving will be done in the most undamaged and unspoiled location in the country.

Things to do in Osa Costa Rica.jpg


Things to do in Osa:


  • Nature hikes of course, be it at daytime or nighttime (we recommend both as the animals you´ll see are different),


  • Mangrove tour (kayaking or by boat): there are many mangroves in Costa Rica, but because not many people reach Osa Peninsula, you will not be hearing the noises of hoard of tourists that you will find at other locations


  • Inshore and outshore fishing: again, there are many fishing places in Costa Rica but because Osa is so remote, you will not find too many people fishing around you.


  • And if you come in the months of August through October: whale watching will be at the top of what to do in Costa Rica list!



So make a little space in your Costa Rica Vacation Package itinerary and include a visit to Osa Peninsula. We recommend you go either at the beginning or the middle of your stay.


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