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Secrets of Costa Rica


Top 5 beaches in Costa Rica

Whenever you think of a fun things to do in Costa Rica, a visit to one or several beaches will surely be on your list. And why not? We have several of the best beaches in the world, according to reputable sources such as National Geographic, Tripadvisor and Conde Nast.  


The following top Costa Rica beaches are so beautiful they seem to have come right out of a post card:

  • 1. Uvita, Limon

    This small but exuberant beach gathers all the features that you may have seen in a movie or a TV ad. Palm trees are huge and bent almost at sea level, the light yellow sand is smooth and the sea may reflect at times a deep or a light blue color.



  • This Costa Rica beach is excellent for: either bathing or surfing. You will find a little rustic restaurant that sells delicious ceviche and you may befriend the locals with their colorful clothing and their braided hairs.



  • 2. Manuel Antonio 

    Manuel Antonio National Park has earned international recognition for both being one of the most beautiful parks in Costa Rica. If you want to enjoy the beach at Manuel Antonio, we do recommend going only during Low Season. On High Season and especially during Holiday Season the two spectacular white sanded beaches become packed with both locals and travelers alike.



  • This Costa Rica beach is excellent for: bathing, animal watching.


  • 3. Playa Guiones, Nosara

    It is definitely high up on our best beaches in Costa Rica list. Guiones is one of Costa Rica´s longest beaches so much that you cannot see where it begins or ends. The sand is white and the sea light blue.



  • This Costa Rica beach is excellent for: surfers who have some expertise. All throughout the beach you will find hatched polls where people are seated to enjoy the shade and perhaps the music of a guitar.



    Even though this is not your typical dreamy beach featuring white sand and a blue sea, -this is definitely a beach to see-. Set out at Costa Rica´s South Pacific Coast and adjacent to Bahia Ballena (best place to see humpback whales), Ventanas beach is romantic and a place where you will find mostly adults and couples.



  • This Costa Rica beach is excellent for: a romantic getaway.


  • 5. San Juanillo

    The best guarded secret in our Northern Pacific coast, San Juanillo is located about an hour- by car- from Guiones beach. The drive may be horrible, mostly because the road is not finished and you will go over lots of puddle holes. But once you get there, your journey will seem long left behind. This little beach is deserted mainly because no one knows it exists, and it is divided into two strips that join into a whale tale shape. The sand is white and the color of the sea is more like the type of blue you´d find at a Caribbean Island.



  • This Costa Rica beach is excellent for: nature lovers.



Quite honestly there are so many amazing beaches in Costa rica, but if we had to choose the top 5, these would be our Wikol pick.

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