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Secrets of Costa Rica


Everything the perfect Costa Rica Travel Agent should offer

Every vacation is aimed towards achieving maximum relaxation. You even wish you could skip the planning and just go ahead and enjoy your getaway. Before going on vacation there are many details that must be considered such as booking hotels, flights, tours and transportation. We recommend you use a Costa Rica Travel Agent that will arrange everything for you ahead of time. 


Customized service

If you are not interested in prepackaged vacations, then a Costa Rica Travel Agent must know how to read your needs and wants.




We are a small country and yet, there is lots of fun things to do in Costa Rica. Your Costa Rica Travel Agent should be savvy and should have one on one knowledge on all the options you will find to make a Costa Rica Vacation Package.




The type of holiday you want should define your vacation from headstart. If you are on a Costa Rica Family Vacation, your Costa Rica Travel Agent should know your kids ages so that s/he offers tours that are age appropriate. If you are planning a honeymoon, then your travel agent should know if you want to relax only or perhaps mix leisure with adventure. 



Important information

Before a trip it’s always good to know a little bit about your chosen destination. A good travel agent should give you important information such as: the currency in Costa Rica, best times to visit Costa Rica, languages, what to pack, typical Costa Rica food, transportation, among others.



Knowing the place

Many travel agencies sell packages to destinations they haven´t even been to. Oftentimes they can’t answer your questions and make sure that the place they’re proposing will be the right one for you.


At Wikol we make sure we visit both new and known places year after year so that we the best quality standards.  



The result: we became experts in everything regarding Costa Rica, we made sure that each provider is the best you’ll get and we have a very large data base to create a 100% customized Costa Rica Vacation Package for you.



Don’t forget to check testimonials other travelers have written about their chosen travel agency. What a company says about itself may greatly differ from what customers who have hired their services think of it.  You may usually find references on the travel agency´s website.


It’s not a good sign if the agency doesn’t include testimonials from past clients.


Accessible at any time

Finally and of great importance is that the perfect Costa Rica Travel Agent is available at all times. Before the trip, it will help you plan your vacation, look for lodging, tours and transportation. During the trip, it will make sure everything is going perfectly and help you solve any inconveniences and finally; after the trip, it should be open to your recommendations.




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