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Secrets of Costa Rica


The best places in Costa Rica offer unique things to do

A unique country has some very unique things to do. Here we give you a glimpse of some very special things to do while in Costa Rica that will make you vacation unforgettable.

  • Have a Romantic Dinner at the top of a tree Canopy. You will zip line your way to a platform and dine by candle light only. Your servers will bring food by zip lining as well…seriously!
  • Visit a Cloud Forest at night time and touch different types of bats… a biologist will be with you and make sure that no animal is hurt, but you will not only be up close and personal with the bat but you will get to feel its legs and hands…they do have legs and hands….
  • Visit a light incandescent blue river that will blow away your color scheme.
  • Take a leap of faith….literally…and soar through the air on a light flight plane: all exposed and in tune with the sky. It will be the best view you will experience in your life!
  • Have a romantic commitment ceremony by the Adults Only Thermal Springs. You will commit for life, propose, or just be romantic

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