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Secrets of Costa Rica

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Up and coming best beaches in Costa Rica

There are so many beautiful beaches to enjoy in Costa Rica and yet, whenever you do a search on the web and look for the “best Costa Rica beaches” you will find the same in many travel sources. Not that there is anything wrong in including any of those locations, but if you want to try something new: here is our 2016 list of the Best Beaches in Costa Rica.



Hardly known by tourists and seldomly visited by locals: Playa Carrillo is hordes free and beauty full… Light yellow sand, long and boasting lots of palm trees, this beach is certainly one to include in your Costa Rica Vacation Package. It is also located quite close to Samara town, where you will find great nightlife and shops.

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Most beaches in Costa Rica are dark sanded and jungle immersed. So they may not be your Caribbean picture perfect type of beach but they are certainly fascinating and beautiful in their own way. Beaches at Drake Bay are short and the ocean is rough. They are perfect for one of the fun things to do in Costa Rica: surf. And they are so remote that you will probably find only locals in the area. What we love about Drake Bay is that it is surrounded by lush and intense rainforest vegetation which means: lots of birds and mammals roaming at the beach.

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Again, not your typical white sanded beach, you will find that beaches at Puerto Jimenez are short and narrow, with more pebble stones than sand. What we like the most about these Costa Rica beaches is that the ocean that they hug looks more like a lagoon than the sea and the waters are so transparent that you can see through several meters below.

 Best beaches in Costa Rica Puerto Jimenez.jpg

MANZANILLO at Nicoya Peninsula

You will find two amazing beaches in Costa Rica named Manzanillo: one at our Atlantic Coast and one at our Pacific Coast. Both are gorgeous but in this blog we have included Manzanillo at the Nicoya Peninsula at our Pacific Coast. Manzanillo is so close to Santa Teresa that you’d think more people would have visited it. But it has been relatively unknown to travelers and so it is a fabulous place to include in your list of fun things to do in Costa Rica.

 Best beaches in Costa Rica Manzanillo.jpg

So there you have it: if you are thinking about visiting Costa Rica in the coming year, try to include at least one of these beaches in your itinerary and we promise you will not regret it.


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