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Secrets of Costa Rica

Places to Stay in Costa Rica-boutique hotels

What is a boutique hotel in Costa Rica

Let’s start by defining what a boutique hotel is.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary a boutique hotel is “A stylish small hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location.”


But see, when it comes to Costa Rica and because 30% the country’s territory has been declared protected areas (be it National Parks or Reserves), a boutique hotel in Costa Rica bares a completely different meaning.


Monteverde lr

Boutique hotels in Costa Rica:

Are located either in urban areas such as San Jose or more vastly at every single corner of the country. Most of the hotels in Costa Rica are boutique. Our country is small and our infrastructure for travelers is small as well.
80% of the best places to stay in Costa Rica are boutique hotels. Most are not luxurious, though you will find Luxury options as well as Premium options. Some are very rustic. All of them offer the highest quality of service and food. Because they are small, they can only fit so many people which allows for highly personalized service: expect to hear your name from Day #1!
Most boutique offer less amenities than those you will find at a resort. However, you will find boutique hotels such as Nayara Gardens, Punta Islita and Kura Design Villas that will offer enough amenities to make you feel as if you were at a resort.
Lodging at a Costa Rica Boutique Hotel is an experience that will become essential to your vacation. Executive hotels in the urban area are not really different than any other small hotel you will find at any other place in the world. On the other hand, boutique hotels located across the country, by the beach, at the mountain and immersed in the jungle usually provide one or many of the following features:
  • Superb views
  • Jungle immersion
  • Beachfront location
  • Surround sound from nature!
  • Spa like amenities within a natural environment
  • Outdoor showers
  • Intimate environment
  • Delicious bedding with a canopy saran
  • Unparalleled location


Harmony Best Hotels in Costa Rica


Some of our favorite boutique hotels in Costa Rica are:



  • Tortuga Lodge is rustic and raw and it is the best hotel at Tortuguero. It is located right on the Tortuguero Canals, it offers homey food that is truly yummy and you quickly feel at home from the way the staff treats you.


  • El Silencio Lodge and Punta Islita hotel. They are owned by the same family and are supervised by the owners themselves. The staff at the reservations office and at the hotel have been working there for a very long time so they have the know-how to solve any problem and create new ideas. Oh, and they recently opened an new unique property: Isla Chiquita, where rooms are tents facing either the ocean of the forest.


  • Monteverde Lodge: owned by the same company as that of Tortuga Lodge, Monteverde Lodge is intimate, cozy and surrounded by the Cloud Forest. White faced monkeys visit every day. You are actually warned to keep your room windows closed…one would not want to have a bag stolen by a monkey! And they will steel your bag if you let them!


suite patio lr

  • Harmony Hotel: at the more upscale end of the boutique hotels range, Harmony does not look like a luxury resort. But as soon as you step into your outdoor shower and hammock, sit at Harmony restaurant and eat one of their heavenly meals or head out to Guiones Beach right from your room, you quickly realize why this is a luxury boutique hotel and you will agree that it deserves that title.


  • Capitan Suizo: one of our most beloved beachfront hotel, Capitan Suizo is located at the end of the Tamarindo beach and away from the crowds of the town of Tamarindo. The owners are two Europeans who fell in love with Tamarindo and who still come to work every day. Here too you will find monkeys going around the property


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