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Secrets of Costa Rica


Why choose Wikol as your Costa Rica Travel Agent

So many options on the web and so much information in social media: how do you choose the perfect vacation for you?


Has it ever happened that your trip is fast approaching and you have yet to reserve a hotel, choose the tour you´ll be taking and hire your transportation for the trip, and yet you are cringing at the thought of researching?


Are you dreading to open your computer or tablet because you do not know where to start planning that dreamy getaway? Do not worry: you are not alone!.


These are the 5 reasons you may choose Wikol as your Costa Rica Travel Agent:


  • Before starting sales, Wikol personnel took a full year to explore Costa Rica North to South and East to West. Our mission was: to fully know every corner of our country, experience every adventure tour and shake the hand of every driver that we´d hire.


    • The result: we became full fledge experts in anything related to Costa Rica and so we built a huge data base to provide that 100% personalized vacation.


  • We love to cater to couples, families and smaller groups: these are exactly the kind of traveler that cherish. We can listen to our clients´expectations and desires so that we can guarantee full satisfaction.


  • The whole planning process starts when our customers are still miles away, at home. We exchange emails, we make phone calls and all in all, we make every effort to answer their inquiries and clarify their doubts so that we arrive at the perfect Costa Rica Vacation Package.


  • And because we absolutely want them to have the best vacation of their lives, we are available 24/7 once they arrive on their Trip to Costa Rica. We send emails, a printed note through the hotel’s concierge and we are available for them at any time: be it to answer inquiries such as which are the appropriate pants to wear to a Costa Rica Ziplining tour, which restaurants do we recommend in the area or for any emergency they might have.  


  • Once they are back home, we always get in touch to follow up on their trip to Costa Rica. We love to hear about “the good stuff” and we are especially open to any mishap they might have had or any feedback we should know about.


  • We take care that our prices are competitive with those found on the web and better yet we challenge ourselves to get an even better rate than the one offered on the web. And although our best guarded feature is the high quality of service we strive to offer, we fully know that every penny you’ve earned should render an amazing vacation.


So, if you want to travel to Costa Rica in your next vacation, choose Wikol as you travel agency in Costa Rica. Or don´t take our word for it and check our client´s testimonials.

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