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Secrets of Costa Rica


Wikol tips: Costa Rica´s hidden secrets

Like every country, in Costa Rica we have our secrets about hidden gems and spectacular places that hardly anyone goes to. Discover Costa Rica´s hidden secrets and make your trip to our country the best vacation of your life.


Wildlife, the best places to see

The jungle is the perfect place to see animals at their best and these are the Costa Rica destinations where you will find the most jungle animals:


  • Manuel Antonio National Park: one of the most renowned places to visit in Costa Rica is also great for seeing lots of mammals such as capuchin monkeys and sloths as well as a large variety of birds. It is a small park that might get quite crowded during Holiday Season.
  • Tortuguero: a wide array of jungle animals are found here which take advantage of Tortuguero’s abundant water and land   habitats. Caimans, crocodiles and monkeys are found yearlong, and if you come July through October you will also find the Green Pacific Turtle Nesting all along the Tortuguero beach.


  • Corcovado and Osa Peninsula: this is the ultimate place to find wild and untamed animals in Costa Rica. The Corcovado National Park is very large and remote and so the animals roam freely all along the park. You will see Costa Rica’s 4 monkey species (congo, spider, capuchin and titi), red macaws, wild hogs, wild pigs, and also very large animals like the tapir.


Beachfront Restaurants

What is better than enjoying a delicious meal in front of a spectacular beach view? In Costa Rica you can certainly do that while you and your loved one have a fantastic culinary experience. For starters we recommend:


Playitas Restaurant at Arenas del Mar Hotel: located literally on the beach, this marvelous restaurant offers great food and personalized service. You will relax by playing in the sand with your bare feet while enjoying your margarita or a cold drink and a deliciously fresh tuna salad.  And don´t get startled of the monkeys: they come every day as well as the sloths.


Pangas Beach Club at Tamarindo: it offers a gourmet experience on sand.  Perfect at lunch time because the many trees of the restaurant will provide refreshing shade for you both, and very romantic at night time, because you have prime view of the ocean, the estuary and the moon. Make sure to order the shrimp here, these are the best you will have during your Costa Rica Vacation.


Coco Loco at Flamingo: fresh food by the sea with lively music and great ambience. This is a small beach restaurant that will provide intimacy but make sure you reserve a few hours before your meal.  


Dreams that come true

Pacuare Lodge: this magical place has been awarded one of the top 25 lodges in the world by National Geographic. Who are its founders? Roberto and Luz: two guides that dreamt of having their own jungle Paradise along the Pacuare River and who with Pacuare Lodge made their dreams come true!


Harmony hotel: it all started when a visitor came to Nosara and fell in love both with his surf instructor and the hotel he lodged at. The visitor and the instructor got married and decided to purchase the hotel and refurbish it until it became the little piece of surfer´s heaven it is today.  


Kosher Food

If you eat Kosher at home and travel to places where you will know you will get 100% Kosher food: you can certainly come to Costa Rica with the peace of mind that you will enjoy Kosher food of the highest quality and certified by the Orthodox Jewish Community of Costa Rica. There are only 3 suppliers of Kosher food in Costa Rica and they are all located in San Jose, but we can make sure to send your food either by car or plane anywhere you go. The transportation costs will be around USD$40 per package and the food will come properly identify and with instructions of heating and handling for the kitchen personnel at each hotel you visit.  



Kura Design Villas: offering a spectacular view of Bahia Ballena and surrounded by mountains, this Adults-Only hotel features an outdoor shower with a view and a romantic experience for you and your loved one.


Tabacon Grand Spa: request the Rainforest Suite at this hotel and you will enjoy a huge Jacuzzi with a transitional forest view.


Pacuare Lodge: this jewel hidden in the mountains and the rainforest offers an unforgettable experience as well as one indoor and one outdoor shower at every room, as well as a free standing huge tub so that you relax at the balcony of your room while you see and hear the river going by.


Andaz Papagayo: this is one of the most luxurious resorts in Costa Rica and therefore offers features such as showers with an outdoor view of the Papagayo bay and pebble stones on the floor to massage your feet while you shower. Delicious!


Unique features in Ticos´ Land

-Romantic dinners atop a Canopy platform. You will arrive by zip lining to the platform and a romantic, candle lit dinner will be waiting for you. Your waiters will arrive by zip line as well!

-Visit the Cloud Forest and get a chance to observe bats really up close. A biologist will trap them with research nets and after  you have a great look and learn of their importance, will let them go.

-Come by an iridescent light blue river and enjoy its fresh volcanic tinted waters.

-Travel in an ultralight air plane over the sea and the mountains. 

-Enjoy a romantic engagement or commitment ceremony at the thermal springs.


Only we can show you the best way to visit and enjoy Costa Rica!

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