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Surf Beaches in Costa Rica
Best time to visit Visit here : June and July
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  • Costa Rica beaches Malpais
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Santa Teresa and Malpais

Costa Rica surfers paradise

Santa Teresa and Malpais were adopted by celebrities from around the world for providing not only stunning beaches which are great for surf (one of the best surfing locations in Costa Rica) but also because the towns are small, low profile and offer lots of privacy.

Hotels in the area are small (boutique hotels) and service is very casual. You will not find the super trained service you might find at Guanacaste or Arenal. The idea is to come here, relax and engage in a groovy mood.

One great feature of this area: the most amazing rental beach houses in Costa Rica.

Packages including this destination

The main two activities at Santa Teresa and Malpais beaches are surf and yoga. They are both part of our top choice of Beaches in Costa Rica and one of our favorite places to visit. The Montezuma Waterfall is our recommendation if you like to hike. 

Recommended travel dates



November through August.

Recommended stay



At least 3 nights because it takes a long way to get here.

Great for



Couples mostly, or families with teens. Not suitable for young children or incentive groups.

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