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Our travelers are always looking for that added value that will make their trip truly authentic and fulfilling. We are like that as well, whenever we travel, and so we make sure to recommend only the right choices for their needs, expectations and preferences. We are control freaks and so we inspect every single place we recommend and try every single tour we include. The result: we have built a richly curated list of luxury resorts, off the beaten path eco lodges, concept based boutique hotels, wildly fun adventures and the best hiking tours in the country!

Our process is very thorough but painless: we listen to what you really want, we review some suggestions you might have gotten from friends, family or even from the web, we send a few proposals and once you are absolutely certain to have covered all that you expect to see in Costa Rica, we are ready to give it a go! And when you finally arrive to Costa Rica: we not only make sure you are pampered through and through, but we are also available for whatever is that you need: a restaurant recommendations, to go over the list of what to wear for the zip lining tour or a last minute change that you would like to make. 

Bottom line, we want you to feel we have dedicated every single minute to making your vacation a 100% yours: and indeed we have!

There are all kinds of luxury travel: we make sure you choose the right one for you!

Meet The Team

Galit Flasterstein

Founder of Wikol and an avid traveler who is always looking for unique experiences both in Costa Rica and all over the world. She firmly believes that diversity of all kinds is what makes your life truly rich.

Galit was born in Israel but migrated to Costa Rica when she was 6 years old. She studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and lived in NY for a while. She always dreamed of shining a light on Costa Rica and once she was back, she founded Wikol so that she and her team could provide every traveler the exact experience they are looking for: be it a honeymoon, a winter getaway, a once in a lifetime family vacation or a team bonding experience.

And because Galit is a total control freak: she will not stop until she is certain she knows all of your wants and needs (expect many questions and detailed explanations…).

Diana Soto

Nature Enthusiast, loves all kinds of extreme sports including marathon and trail running, canopy, rappel, tree climbing, whale watching, snorkeling, hikes to volcanoes and mountains and other adrenaline filled activities but she is also into yoga and meditation.

Known for her love for all type of creatures living in this world with us humans, specially dogs, cats, whales, pigs and cows. She is a vegetarian, with extreme affection for Costa Rican coffee and chocolate.

Diana is the heart of Wikol´s everyday operations and the person to go to when in need of finding the answers to any question.

Fabian Alfaro

Fabian is one of Wikol´s most beloved Naturalist Guides. He was born in Costa Rica, but lived in the US for about a year: and that´s how he learned his very fluent and fun English. He likes to make jokes, without overdoing it, and he can spot a monkey on the road to anywhere, even if he´s the one driving and talking to Wikol´s visitors. Fabian is certainly a talented guide that will always make you feel welcome!

He will carry his camera, telescope and other guide technology anywhere: so that you do not miss any of those precious moments in Costa Rica.

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