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Since 2011, Wikol has been creating, unique eco - friendly travel experiences in Costa Rica. We provide curated adventures such as uniquely located boutique luxury hotels, eco-lodges and private residences that capture the culture and essence of the local communities.

We strive for the best luxury experiences for our travelers, ensuring you leave the lowest footprint during your journey. From a family vacation to a corporate retreat, we will provide the best insight for an unforgettable experience in Costa Rica.

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    Marco Obon - Owner / CEO
  • Costa Rica Tour Guide Fabian
    Fabian Alfaro / Naturalist Guide
    Spots animals everywhere

Your own Costa Rica Travel Agent

As Wikol, your Costa Rica Travel Agent and Dream Whisperer, we let  you in on the best things to do and places to stay in Costa Rica.
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  • Jason and Yifaht Arbuck
    All the guides and especially Fabian, were wonderful. My husband even learned how to surf!
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  • Yehuda Bechar
    We were very impressed with how punctual all the tours were
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  • Mary Jo Kloezeman 2nd vacation in Costa Rica
    Even though it rained, we were able to enjoy the activities
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  • Christian Gonzalez
    Even though it rained, we were able to enjoy the activities
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  • Troy Kendrick
    Her suggestions were spot on and made sure that we had professional and prompt tour guides and drivers. 
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  • Karl and Angela Funke
    The lodges, the drivers and the activities you picked were all fantastic. 
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  • Gavin and Michelle Naimer
    Her suggestions were spot on and made sure that we had professional and prompt tour guides and drivers. 
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  • Charles and Nathalie Gluckstein
    Whenever we had challenges with our itinerary Galit was very available and able to adjust our schedule according. 
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  • Adam Breslin and Erika Rubin
    The rafting day and animal sanctuary were particular highlights. We loved the trip
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  • Jim and Theresa Mickelsen
    The airport pickups and transfers were absolutely seamless - thank you for that. The lodge was really peaceful and we enjoyed everything. Our group loves to fish.
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  • Howard and Debbie Lis
    Galit and the entire Wikol team were exceptionally helpful planning and organizing our family trip. Beyond that, the drivers, tour guides, boutique hotels they chose for us were a...
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  • Andrew and Miranda Gelven
    We keep saying to each other how much fun we had. I wouldn't change a thing!
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  • Chris and Teri Taylor
    We had a wonderful time! Our youngest daughter was literally crying when we left
    See all
  • David Brenner
    Arenal was my favorite. The excursions gave us all such an adrenaline rush, and we were wiped out after the white water rafting.
    See all
  • Julie Kogan
    We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to returning one day!
    See all
  • Jennifer Cramer
    It was quite calming to spend a few hours in the rainforest.
    See all
  • Robert Simcha
    Thank you once again for going out of your way regarding the kosher meals supplied and guiding the Hotel staff on preparing the meals accordingly.
    See all
  • Alvina Chiu
    The Papagayo canopy tour was perfect for my children. The staff prepared us well & we all had a great time.
    See all
  • Ken Andujar
    Thanks for helping us plan an amazing and memorable trip.  
    See all
  • Sofia Powell
    The people, activities, food, rooms etc. could not have been better.
    See all
  • Oliver Blunt
    Not only did they love Costa Rica but were very impressed with the level of service, accommodations and friendliness of everyone they came in contact with.
    See all
  • Steve Kleiman
    Thanks so much for planning a wonderful family vacation
    See all
  • Veronica Ferreri
    People are satisfied and having a great time, everything is perfect!
    See all
  • Bruno and Valentina Basalisco
    Wikol quickly gained our trust and we were very happy to delegate many matters to them, which was key to the success of our extraordinary trip in Costa Rica.
    See all
  • Rosemarie Smalheiser
    We have had a wonderful week exploring, relaxing and eating.
    See all
  • Risa
    Our trip has been amazing and very memorable.  Thank you for organizing everything.
    See all
  • Eduardo y Patricia Ergas
    Our time in Costa Rica was INCREDIBLE!!!! I want to become a Tico!
    See all
  • Nashville
    your arrangements were fantastic. Everything worked out great
    See all
  • Jeannette Cubillo
    The staff´s attention was excellent, all of them tried really hard to satisfy us and to make us feel like you are in paradise.
    See all
  • Salvador Abascal
    Without a doubt what we liked the most was how friendly, lovely and optimist people are in your country.
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  • Len Schlangel
    The service at both hotels was the finest and most attentive, like you would find at the most luxurious hotels in the world.
    See all
  • Mary Ann Senske
    EVERY PERSON ON STAFF, was engaged in enhancing the guest experience. The house keepers would call us over to see scorpions or frogs.
    See all
  • Stanley y Vita Barth
    Vita and I appreciate your thoughts. We have told many people about the fantastic trips you arranged for us
    See all
  • Shavon Fenton & Jonathan Mota
    We can't thank you enough for making our honeymoon truly one of the most memorable and remarkable experiences we've ever had.
    See all
  • Anthony Ramirez
    My wife loves animals and we were able to see a lot of them!.
    See all
  • Chris MacArthur
    Costa Rica's been wonderful. Thanks for everything, we look forward to the rain forest
    See all
  • José Francisco Solera
    The whole family enjoyed it a lot and the apartment was very nice.
    See all
  • Dina and Doug Siegel
    The hotel is excellent and we have eaten very well.
    See all
  • Joe and Cora Stark
    Enjoyed the people, food, howling monkeys and lodging.  Fishing was excellent. 
    See all
  • Ben and Chloe Brown
    We were also really pleased to find that you had planted a tree in our names, what a lovely touch!
    See all
  • Ronit Shiro
    I would recommend other visitors taking more than one pair of tennis shoes, ... The rain did not stop at Arenal: but we still did everything!
    See all
  • Olaf
    The combination of mountains, jungle and beach were good.
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  • Andy and Kathy Marte
    We had an amazing time and the accommodations and activities were wonderful. 
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  • Tiffany and Pablo Ferreri
    Our trip was wonderful and our driver yesterday great!!
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  • Gerardo Montoya
    Adventure: all of them were excellent, Sky Tram and Canopy with great facilities and a high level rafting with beautiful routs.
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  • Natalia & Mladen Vrsalovic Brum
    Thank you for all your advice about where to go and for the good service you gave to us.
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  • Ron Olster
    We are having a great time, and of course don’t want it to end, it always goes by fast when you’re having fun.
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  • Chris Miskec & Jessica Wageman
    Wow, wow, WOW is all we can say about this residency. The hospitality, locale & view are all more than we expected.
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  • Pablo Barenboim
    The Tabacon Thermal Springs. The closest to Eden!
    See all
  • Beth Hammett
    Your planning was top notch and the organized flow of the trip was most relaxing.
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