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El Silencio Lodge

Perfect as a first one or two nights stay, El Silencio is also a location on its own. Far away from the crowds and high up in the mountains: this is a place to enjoy the Cloud Forest and an outdoor delicious Jacuzzi.

Activities: the cultural tour gives you an idea of how Costa Ricans think, work and play, and the Wine tasting is great on a cold afternoon stay.

Recommended travel Dates: best May through October, when it is not as windy, cold or wet. But if you do not mind the rain, you will have a warmed bed to sleep in and a hot Jacuzzi to enjoy.

Recommended Stay: 2 nights if you wish to do a tour.

Great for: couples mostly or families with young adults.

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    Diana Soto / Reservations
    Knows the ins and outs of Costa Rica
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    Galit Flasterstein / Owner
    Finds outstanding places in Costa Rica
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    Fabian Alfaro / Naturalist Guide
    Spots animals everywhere

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