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Rio Perdido

This amazing hotel is in the middle of a huge property with luscious Dry Forest, natural Thermal Springs that change colors and a great location for adrenaline activities such as mountain biking and zip lining. This hotel is great for a Costa Rica Honeymoon or an Incentive retreat because it offers great privacy: the cabins are located very far apart from one another.

Boutique hotel with 20 bungalows and the best natural thermal springs in Costa Rica! This amazing hotels is soon to become one of the best lodges in Costa Rica simply because it is in a privileged location: in the middle of the Dry Forest of a huge private property that has been practically untouched.

Rio Perdido offers great friendly service and local food, as well as killer cocktails. There are in ground activities such as mountain biking and zip lining. 

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We recommend this hotel for:


  • A Family Vacation in Costa Rica (better for twins or teens)
  • A Romantic Trip to Costa Rica
  • A Costa Rica Honeymoon
  • An Incentive Trip to Costa Rica
  • Travelers who are seeking nature with comfort

     Best time to visit Rio Perdido

      Any time of year