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Secrets of Costa Rica

Photo of Brian Halligan

The best places in Costa Rica means that the luxury in this county is different

How do you imagine luxury? Do you instantly think of a 5 star hotel with a beautiful golf course or is luxury a remote location where it seems it is only you and your beloved one(s) getting pampered? Surprise! Costa Rica offers 3 types of luxury vacations:

  • Best Luxury Resorts in Costa Rica: for those who crave a 5 star hotel in Costa Rica, the Andaz by Hyatt and the Four Seasons Papagayo will meet all their criteria. The Andaz has gone as far as pampering you with complimentary and colorful beach hats and sandals, waiting in your room and chosen according to your age (adults and kids -that is). And their Spa lets you pick your own combination of 100% natural rare ingredients (rice and beans for a massage, anyone?).
  • Most amazing remote eco-lodges in Costa Rica: you do not need to fly to the Far East or Africa to experience true eco-bliss. In Costa Rica you will find a beachfront treetop cabin that has the rainforest as its backyard. You step right, you are in a completely secluded beach (reachable by boat only), you step left and you spot a toucan on a really high tree. But wait, there is more…you will also get the best gourmet meals you’ll ever have!
  • Theme vacation in Costa Rica: many of our hotels and even the packages we create for you, are theme based. But do not think large massive parks…think for instance: 80s flashback with a 60s vibe, 100% fabulous organic food, an outdoor shower and direct access to the most stunning surf perfect beach. We are not exaggerating! This actually happens in Costa Rica when the hotel owner, the coffee shop in town owner and the tour operator all get their minds together and create the best surfing location in Costa Rica.

Ready for luxury? Contact us with your favorite type of luxury vacation request and we will make sure it happens!