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Even though it rained, we were able to enjoy the activities
Mary Jo Kloezeman 2
San Francisco, USA

We absolutely love Costa Rica. I truly think that if anyone visits Costa Rica must go to Pacuare Lodge is a must visit. It is absolutely amazing.  

You did an impeccable job of organizing our drivers and we felt very comfortable that they would get us where we needed to go and clean and well kept up cars. It made all of the transfers seamless.   I have been nervous about the girls going alone but that all worked out perfectly. 

We will definitely come back and I want to bring the girls to Pacuare. Maybe next time we will visit Manuel Antonio because I’ve never been there. I also would like to go back to copa de Arbol on the Osa Peninsula.

We love Costa Rica and we will definitely go again. I would highly recommend your services as well.


Mary Jo Kloezeman