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The people, activities, food, rooms etc. could not have been better.

Sofia Powell

Hi Galit, the trip was amazing and we had a great time.  The Pacuare Lodge was incredible.  The people, activities, food, rooms etc. could not have been better.  I agree with Alejandra that the breakfast was no big deal but logistically I can't imagine that it would work any other way.  The breakfast at the Intercontinental hotel does not start until 7 so they would not be able to pick you up until 8, which means that we would not have gotten to the lodge in time to do the afternoon activity. Also people need to use the restroom so we would have had to stop anyway.  I liked the lunch by the river (on the second day of the rafting) because I think the guides need the mental break and people needed to use the restroom and eat.  The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have the lunch near one of the many amazing waterfalls that people could explore a little and stretch their legs.  That would have made the lunch spectacular. 

Other than that everything was very good. 


Thanks a million Galit.


Sofia Powell, Florida